Aim. Shoot. Deliver.

Before you shoot your Assessment Video please watch the tutorial, and complete the application

I hope this doesn’t feel like jumping through too many hoops… but in order to give you a complete and fair assessment I’ll need both.

After submission of both (your walking video and the application) you can expect a reply from me in 24 hours. Good luck, I look forward to working with you!

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How to Send Your Assessment Video

Use your phone and text it to Jani 😉   Please be sure to identify yourself by name when you send the file. thank you!

"After suffering from back problems for a lifetime, I finally was introduced to Jani. Jani's Back in Action Method addresses the root causes of back pain through working with the muscles that stabilize and align our skeletal structure. I was amazed. The exercises are not hard, and within a couple of weeks, I was pain free for the first time in decades. Jani has taught me how to care for my own alignment, not through manipulating the bones and spine, but rather my getting the muscles to release and establish the alignment. Hurray! I am back to mountain biking and skiing and yard work--doing the things I love. Jani gave me my life back. And she does this work over the internet, personalizing the exact program you need. That is fabulous! It means you can be helped no matter where you are!"

Curt Linville