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metabolic balance® embraces a natural diet. Learn healthy and nutritious ways to improve your metabolism and weight naturally! Discover how to tap into your natural ‘fat-burning’ processes!
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Jani Pulaski

Jani Wedmore Pulaski

Certified Nutritionist, Metabolic Balance® Coach, & Lifestyle Coach

Jani Wedmore Pulaski is Certified, in Rolfing®, Rolf®, Movement, Kundalini Yoga, Health Coaching and Live Cell Analysis. Her approach to helping people, incorporates modalities that she feels are able to address the whole human being using Structural Body Work, Movement, Healthy Eating Choices, Kinesiology and Relationship Balance. Jani sees clients privately and teaches classes at her studio in Gunnison, CO. She also enjoys facilitating retreats nationally and internationally. Please call her for a free consultation.

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I’ve had great success helping others reach their goals, I think in part because accountability and partnerships help us achieve great things. I’m dedicated to helping you as your coach.

We can do this together. You’re not alone 😉

Receive an individualized food plan based on your unique blood values
Your road map to lasting success
No hunger. No cravings. No plateau.
Innovative four-phase program. Structured and easy to follow
Feel energized and fantastic!
Discover the best eating habits for YOU

Real people. Real results.

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Finally, a scientific solution based on more than 30 of your blood values that leads to natural sustainable weight adjustment.

Nutrition Health Coaching

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Metabolic Balance ®

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Metabolic Balance® works for you

Nutrition Health Coaching

I know food can help us feel fantastic or awful.
  • Nature offers the raw materials and healing powers to replenish and nourish your cells!
  • I’ll show you how to restore your metabolism and hormonal balance.

Food contributes to inflammation, hormone imbalance and acidosis, which all contribute to pain and discomfort in the body. I enjoy helping people with uncovering their bio-individuality to find out the best eating habit for them. If we can start by giving ourselves a week without junk food and succumbing to our cravings, we can make great strides in moving towards a healthy and happy body.

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Metabolic Balance®

Experience the empowerment of optimized wellness and improved health.
  • Balance your hormones and metabolism
  • Optimize your health and increase energy
  • Enjoy a new rewarding and vitalized lifestyle
  • Be fit and healthy at any age!

Metabolic Balance is a method which regulates and adapts your diet in order to keep your metabolism stimulated.  This method balances your metabolism and encourages the release of insulin so that you can lose weight in a healthy way without starving. Using blood testing Metabolic Balance creates a personalized nutrition plan designed to work for the individual body.

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We invite you to try this remarkable program yourself for only $1,197
  • Customized plan
  • 8 Private sessions
  • 3 Educational webinars
  • Daily access via text

If you would like to have a zoom meeting to get a taste of what Metabolic Balance®  is about there is a lunch bunch that is held on Mondays at 12p.m.  If you are interested feel free to join our Zoom!

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The program and coaching have been excellent!

The program and coaching have been excellent, and that has certainly contributed to my weight loss. More importantly, it has changed my whole outlook on nutrition and on what I’m putting into my body. I enjoy food more and eat much less! I never thought I would actually attain this type of healthy mindset. With…

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Jani Wedmore Pulaski